Parish Feast & 8 Days Lent

Parish Feast and Feast of Nativity will be held from 1st Sep,20 to 8th Sep, 20 through virtual mode ( google meet). There will be family dedication and intercessory prayers on all days from 7.45 pm except 1st, 6th & 8th ; on these days services will start at 7.30 am along with Holy Mass

On line Prayer Services starting from 22nd Jul, 2020

Under the initiative of Mathruvedi, Novena of St Mary/Rosary is starting from Wednesday, 22nd July through Google meet from 7.45 pm to 8.30 pm. Three families will be dedicated in one week and all other families will remember and pray for them and their special intentions for a week till next Tuesday.

 In all Fridays starting from 24th Jul, 20, 7.45 pm to 8.30 pm, there will be prayer and adoration of the Eucharist wherein five families will be dedicated. All families will specially pray for the dedicated families till next Thursday. All the families will be covered through this chain by 18th Sept,20

List of the families for Friday adoration is given below:

Hearty Welcome to Rev Fr Shoby Mathew OIC

We heartily welcome Rev Fr Shoby Mathew OIC as the new Vicar. Prayers and wishes for a blessed ministry in Surat

Hearty Welcome to Rev Sr Christeena OSS

Parishioners of Surat Malankara Catholic Church whole heartedly welcomes Rev Sr Christeena OSS to Surat

Transfer of Rev Fr Vicar and Rev Sisters.

Prayer for Corona Virus

After Holy Mass on Sunday, 15th March,20, special prayer for eradicating corona virus from the world and to heal those who were inflicted was made. Rev Fr Ani Zachariah and Rev Sisters of Holy Spirit congregation led the prayers. Special prayer released by KCBC and circulated to all Churches in the Diocese by MCA to be read on Sunday was recited. Rosary of Mercy was also chanted under the initiative of MCYM for seeking mercy from Lord for preventing the spread of the virus and to console and comfort those who are affected.

Parish Day Celebrations 2020

 Parish Day celebrated on Sunday 19th Jan, 20. HE Most Rev Bishop Dr Jacob Mar Barnabas was the main celebrant of Holy Mass.  Four children received First Holy Communion. Very Rev Fr Jose Kuruvilla, OIC, Superior General, Ver Rev Fr Philips Vazhakunnathu,Procurator, Gurgaon Diocese and Rev Fr Jacob, OIC, Procurator, Bethany Generalate, Former Vicar Rev Fr Shoby Mathew OIC, Rev. Fr. Jith John OIC etc  were present.

During the meeting held after Holy Mass, Reports of MCCL, MCYM, Mathruvedi and Pithruvedi were presented.There were cultural and entertainment programs of children, youth, mathruvedi & pithruvedi members. The celebrations ended with sumptuous lunch.

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Catechism Camp of Gujarat Parishes & ‘Kairos’- MCYM Bhopal Region Meet

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”. Matthew 19:14

October, 19 being the Extra Ordinary Mission Month declared by Holy Father call us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all people, to be in prayers and action and to renew our missionary commitment. Personal encounter with Jesus Christ living in His Church, biblical, catechetical, spiritual and theological formation, missionary charity etc. are the main themes of this month.

Catechism Children of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Vapi & Surat and Youth of Bhopal Region and the entire Malankarites in Gujarat are fortunate enough to observe the Mission Month in a special way. Three days of October, 25, 26 & 27 are remarkable especially for the catechism students and MCYM members of Bhopal, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Vapi and Surat as it revitalised, renewed and reawakened them through Catechism Camp and ‘Kairos”-   Regional Meet, Retreat and Kaloltsavam of MCYM.  On Sunday, 27th Oct, there was common Holy Mass for all parishes in Gujarat, the main celebrant was Rev Fr R Alexander Kallukalayil, MCYM Regional Director and Rev Fr Devasia Kuthirakallil, MCYM Diocesan Director, Rev Fr Binoy George OIC, Rev Fr Saiju Kurien OIC were the con-celebrants. Rev Brothers from Bethany Ashram, Pune, who led the Catechism Camp assisted the liturgy in a solemn way.

Inspired by the call of Holy Father in the mission month for missionary charity, MCYM members collected a sum of Rs 20k as a token of mission aid and was handed over to Rev Fr Devasia Kuthirakallil, MCYM Director of Diocese.

Surat Parish was proud enough to host this residential mega event wherein 150+ children and youth and parents of Bhopal Region participated. The event is conducted observing Green Protocol as per the Karma Path of both MCA & MCYM and the message –“Say No to Plastic” was conveyed not only in words but also in deeds.

On the concluding day of Sunday, Rev Fr Devasia Kuthirakallil expressed vote of thanks for making the event a grand success and prize distribution to the winners of various games and cultural programs were distributed by Rev Fr Ani Zachariah, OIC, Rev Sr Blessy OSS, official representatives/animators of Catechism, MCYM, MCA etc.

MCYM overall trophy was jointly won by Baroda and Surat. First prize for Catechism won by Surat followed by Ahmedabad.

Delicious food and snacks for all these days were organised under the initiative of Mathruvedi and Pithruvedi of Surat Parish. Copies of the Message to the Youth by Pope Francis –“ Christus Vivit” were given to MCYM members and Student’s Prayer to St. Chavara were given to Catechism students

Benedict Mar Gregorios Memorial Day

25th Anniversary of Benedict Mar Gregorios was celebrated on Sunday ,13th October with Holy Mass, Dhoopa Prarthana and Nercha. The day was special and important since canonisation of Blessed Mariam Thresia being held at Rome

Word of Life- Oct,19

Shine your light

“Guard the good treasure entrusted to you, with the help of the Holy Spirit living in us.” (2 Tim 1:14)

Paul the Apostle is writing to Timothy, his “son in faith.” He shared his work of evangelizing with Timothy and entrusted the community in Ephesus to him.

            As Paul feels his time of death drawing close, he encourages Timothy in this demanding task of leadership. Timothy, in fact, has received a “precious gift,” that is, the content of the Christian faith as passed on by the Apostles. He, in turn, is responsible for faithfully communicating it to future generations.

            For Paul this means protecting and revealing the beauty of the gift received, as well as being willing to give his life to spread the good news that is the Gospel.

“Guard the good treasure entrusted to you, with the help of the Holy Spirit living in us.” 

Paul and Timothy received the Holy Spirit as light and guarantee for their unique role as pastors and evangelizers. Through their witness and that of their successors, the proclamation of the Gospel has come down to us. 

            In the same way, every Christian has a “mission” in his or her own social and religious community: to build a united family, educate young people, engage in politics and work, care for vulnerable people, enlighten culture and art with the wisdom of the Gospel put into practice, and consecrate his or her life to God for the service of others.

            Indeed, according to the words of Pope Francis to the youth, “Every man and woman is a mission.”[1] We always have the opportunity to consciously renew our commitment to witnessing to our faith, with our hearts filled with evangelical love that generates welcome, encounter and dialogue.

“Guard the good treasure entrusted to you, with the help of the Holy Spirit living in us.” 

Every Christian is a “temple” of the Holy Spirit. This enables us to discover and preserve the “precious gifts” entrusted to us, to make them grow and put them at the service of other people. The first of these treasures is faith in Jesus. We Christians need to awaken this and nourish it with prayer, and then communicate it through the witness of charity